I keep reading that the UK economy is on its way up but I am not sure this is true.

To me it seems that a lot of us are working hard for less money. Personally I know that a lot of the girls here at Slough escorts keep saying that living expenses are just going up all of the time. I think that it true. If though I am earning the same money that I was a year ago, it feels like I have less money in my pocket. Fuel costs seem to be out of control, and my last electricity bill was outrageous.

A couple of friends who used to work for Slough escorts have moved on to work for escorts services in London. They thought that they would earn more money in London. It seems that the opposite is true and London living costs have taken over their lives. I was tempted at first but now I am glad that I managed to stay away from temptation so to speak. It would have been fun for a while but it would also take you a long time to establish a dating diary.

Slough escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/slough-escorts may not sound that glamorous of a job but the truth is that we are doing okay. I know that everything seems to have being go up all of the time, and the only thing you can do is to cut back. But all in all I think it is better to live and work somewhere and enjoy lower living expenses. To rent a place in London can cost a fortune and I am not to share that I would be happy to pay those kind of prices. most of the girls who work here agree with me, and think that we are better of in Slough.

Also, Slough is not such a back water. Lots of the girls who work here at Slough escorts date a lot of guys who work in London. It is now really expensive to date in London so they have started to date here in Slough instead. That has done a lot for the local escorts service, and I am sure that we will see more and more gents joining the ranks of others dating here in Slough. It could even be that a lot of Slough escorts make more than the girls in London.

I am not so sure that I will ever venture up to work in London. Some of the girls are still tempted but I am not sure they are going to do it. If they checked their finances, they would probably find that they are better of working in Slough. Life is not easy anywhere and I am sure that we need to change our attitude towards big cities. Yes for some people they do hold a certain attraction but I would like to think that many more gents are going to start to date in Slough in the near future. Us girls here in Slough has a lot to offer.


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